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About Kenduf Motors

Jamie Kennedy

Established in 2000 by Jamie Kennedy and Mark Duffy, combined we have over 40 years experience in the motor industry. Ten years later and we are still going strong with as much enthusiasm and energy as when we set off.

Having an interest in what we do is vital in keeping us motivated. We are constantly updating our knowledge and technology to ensure that when you need our services we have the most up-to-date information & equipment at your disposal. 

We believe what we have to offer you, the client, is different to our competitors. We value and appreciate your custom. We believe that once you become a client, you deserve the highest levels of workmanship and customer service at all times.

We believe that giving a high quality service at affordable prices is key. We are friendly, and because not everyone is technically minded, we take the time to explain in layman terms what might be wrong with and what is required to repair your car.