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We service all makes of cars from new to old.

We have full computerised diagnostic capabilities for all makes and models of car. From a basic oil & filter change to brake replacement, or even if you just need a bulb changed. We carry out all our work to manufacturers' standards, so if your car is still under warranty, have no fear.

We can, in some cases, arrange to have warranty work carried out on your behalf at no cost to you. Our interest in all things cars keeps us motivated to maintains the highest standards of workmanship.

So if you have a squeaky wiper blade, an annoying warning light on your dashboard or a slipping clutch, we are just a phone call away.

Crash Repairs

We have full crash repair facilities on-site, all work is carried out in our workshop by our skilled tradesmen. From the moment you have the misfortune to be involved in an incident, we are on hand to help.

We have towing facilities if your car is immobile and we can organise a replacement car while yours is off the road.

We are EPA approved and use the latest water-based products.

We mix our own paint to ensure correct color matching.

The devil is in the detail and before your newly repaired car leaves our workshop, we ensure that it is repaired to the highest standards.

Panel Beating & Spray Painting

If you have a minor scratch, or a nasty bump, we can take care of it for you. If you feel your car needs a mid-life face lift, a machine buff, polish & wax can transform your car to make it look nearly new again.

Annoying stone chips or car park dings can all be dealt with. A little bit of TLC can make your car shine - so why not contact us to get a quote. It's free and you might be pleasantly surprised.

NCT Preparation

If your car is due an NCT we can carry out a pre-NCT test and let you know what's needed. Pre-NCT inspections are FREE for existing customer and include

  • checking your brakes
  • headlight alignment & bulbs
  • tyre tread depth & condition
  • exhaust emission level
  • seat belts
  • suspension
  • fluid levels
  • visual inspection


Insurance Claims

If you find yourself needing to claim on your (or someone else's) insurance, we are on hand to help. Remember it is your car and you have the legal right to get it repaired wherever you choose to, not where an insurance company says.

We make it easy and less stressful. We will come to you to do the estimate and communicate with the insurance company and the claim engineer. Courtesy cars are available where needed.

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and customer service, as with all aspects of our work we have extensive experience working with all makes and models of cars.     

Car Inspections - before you buy

Buying a car second-hand can be a minefield. Has it been crashed? Is there any finance outstanding? Is it in sound mechanical condition? Is this the car for you? What to look out for in second hand cars, depending on the make & model. We can guide you through the complete buying process.